Wealth Management and Family Office

NQ International Pte. Ltd. (“NQ International”), based in Singapore, offers strategic business development advice and solutions to entities keen to establish or invest in Asia. Specialising in Asian and Middle East markets, NQ International’s current target sectors include multifamily businesses and financial services and investment groups who could benefit from the comprehensive range of wealth advisory and related financial skills available in Singapore, and leverage on the potential growth of the Asian markets.

Based on our expertise and vast experience in various industries, we offer customized, holistic wealth management solutions which are completely objective and practical. We, however, do not manage funds, render tax advice or offer insurance and investment advice or products. 

Working exclusively with “best of class” providers, NQ International’s service is to expertly coordinate and evaluate the client’s wealth advisory, financial and asset managers, and their recommendations. We ensure all parties remain focused on our client’s overall objectives and vision. We strive to be relevant. 

We work in alliance globally with appropriate product specialists such as banks, private equity companies, investment advisors (both discretionary and non-discretionary), trust and foundation specialists for philanthropy, insurance companies, M and A specialists, lawyers, tax advisors and real estate specialists, among others.

NQ International will facilitate and ensure the execution of the specific requirements of its clients, working closely with the clients and various specialist product and service providers in the financial services industry.

Senior Talent Identification and Placement

At NQ International, we help businesses identify and recruit talented individuals dedicated to working and establishing the organisation’s goals and objectives.

NQ International is an asset management and wealth advisory firm that helps companies of all sizes leverage their greatest resource to maximize organisation culture, employee engagement, and investment returns. 

One way we do this is through our senior talent identification and placement service.

NQ International ensures that you find the right talent for the right roles within your organisation.

Business Advisory

Recognising the potential growth of China, Southeast Asian countries, India and the Middle East, and the strategic role Singapore can offer, NQ International provides advice and solutions for businesses and investment groups keen to establish or expand into Asia by:

Capitalizing on our advisors’ real-world experience, unmatched knowledge, and rigorous analytical skills, NQ International provides a wide array of wealth management and advisory services. 

Our expert team helps companies make informed and value-maximizing decisions and pave their way through the challenges of implementation. We also specialize in guiding businesses through corporate valuations, acquisitions, investments, and wealth management. 

We work with businesses of any size to medium-sized public companies, private enterprises, and large corporations at varying commercial transaction stages.

Our experts have extensive practical, scientific, and industry knowledge from various backgrounds, including valuations, investigations, accounting, banking, finance, and corporate advice.

We deliver personalized service with independent, objective advice and opinions. Our role is collaborative, and our input is always focused on what is best for your business.

Identifying, positioning, and ensuring execution for domestic and cross-border joint ventures

Acquisitions and investments and working with clients at exploratory, transition, and implementation levels

Investment Decisions

Financing Decisions

Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy

Recognising the importance of leadership in volunteerism and the increasingly influential role of women in the community and business, NQ International Pte. Ltd focuses its activities in the CSR sector on ESG, coaching and mentoring, engaging in the ageing issues by upholding the virtue of adding life to life and overall women’s health, wealth, and well-being. This is carried out through proactive engagement with non-profit organisations, policymakers, and the UHNW community for fundraising.

Besides our advisory services, we have several leading corporate social responsibility and philanthropy services. The most popular corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs merge financial support with creative approaches to sharing business assets and skills.

Businesses benefit directly from corporate social responsibility and philanthropy. It can help a company’s credibility, not only with clients but also with other stakeholders.

Working with NQ International on your CSR and Philanthropic activities comes with several benefits:

Positive Press and Reputation Building

Consumer Appeal

Talent Attraction and Employee Retention

Strategic acts are those that have high importance to both the company and the community. They include activities based on the organisation, such as employee volunteerism in human resources or fair trade supplier partnerships, and externally oriented practices, such as energy and waste-saving practices or disaster relief.

No corporate executive would deny that the primary aim of an organization is to make profits. Although concentrating on corporate responsibility has a cost, it may also help a company’s bottom line. Both of the previously listed advantages – credibility improvement, client appeal, talent acquisition, and extended relationships – will significantly boost a company’s financial well-being.

While more organizations are participating in and reporting on their CSR operations, commitment levels vary, as do the benefits. The size and form of companies taking strategic steps differ.

NQ International offers practical assistance to focus on your goals depending on your organization’s scale, from preparing and updating your corporate social responsibility policy to executing it.

The maintenance programs we offer are as follows:
One way we do this is through our senior

When it comes to running a successful business, getting the right set of people on board can be an organisation’s most important task. Having a talented team ensures that you continue to access fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to maintain your industry’s competitive advantage.

However, the global industry’s competitive nature places ever-increasing pressure on companies to be continually on the lookout for outstanding talent in a market where demand outnumbers supply. 

However, with our superior sourcing abilities, we can find the finest talent in Asia who has been thoroughly assessed and surpass both organisational and industry standards.

Our reach is extensive due to our large network across Asia, coupled with our sophisticated database technology capabilities, which ensures that we can find suitably qualified talents in record turnaround times across all levels.

With the current emphasis on the interaction between expertise and an organization’s industry problems and strategies, successful strategy implementation necessitates an adequate number of the right people in the right positions with the right skills and experience.

One of the most critical challenges confronting senior company leaders is talent identification and placement. Pressing business imperatives, globalization of economies and labour resources, aggressive competitiveness, and enhanced organizational regulation have heightened the need to identify, grow, deploy, motivate, and retain key talent.

NQ International ensures that you find the right talent for the right roles within your organisation.

With all that constant pressure of getting it right, what exactly does ‘right’ mean? Defining the term ‘right’ is based on two fundamental principles. Firstly, there is no single definition of right –  what may be right for one organisation may be different from another. Secondly, there is no standard global best practice to follow.

That is why we take time to understand each organization’s unique brand and corporate hiring practices, the company culture, and specific requirements for each role. We deliver genuinely exceptional specialized, mass, executive, and senior international talents for your organisation with this knowledge.

While several organisations are recognised as having world-class policy and practice, there is no single global standard. It is the effectiveness of talent identification, placement, and management in the organisation as an outcome, which tends to drive evaluation as world-class. 

With that being said, not all world-class practices are suitable for every organisation. Every organisation has its style and culture, as well as different business needs and priorities. Therefore, we start with the right definition of what organisations need based on their culture and goals (both short and long-term goals).

NQ International brings years of global experience from multiple industries and organizations of various sizes to help business leaders grow and enhance their organizational structures and approaches through senior talent identification and placement.

Identifying, positioning, and ensuring execution for domestic and cross-border joint ventures

Being one of the leading wealth management and business advisory companies based in Asia, we advise public and private companies, demergers, and joint ventures across various sectors on both domestic and cross-border transactions.

Acquisitions and investments; and working with clients at exploratory, transition, and implementation levels

NQ International helps several companies in the different phases of acquiring a company or selling a business division. Its services are customized to meet each company’s specific needs, with an emphasis on an industry or sector to help define strategies, achieve objectives, and identify opportunities.

Using the strength of NQ’s investment and acquisition analytics, you will boost your strategic edge before, after, and after the deal. Its robust data insights provide deeper intelligence for more informed decision-making during the due-diligence, negotiation, and post-deal processes.

If your company focuses on tactical growth, market rationalization, or cost savings, our tactics and technologies are built to maximize value for the company and its shareholders.

For clients requiring answers to fundamental strategic policy issues such as where to spend the company’s funds or what the suitable financing sources are, NQI’s specialists have the most relevant corporate finance advice solution and strategies on:

Investment Decisions

NQI assists in evaluating investment prospects by providing comprehensive investment advisory services, project feasibility services, and value analysis that leads to sound investment decisions.

Financing Decisions

The difficulty in obtaining the financial capital required to support strategic and expenditure goals is usually a cause for concern. As a top-tier wealth management and advisory firm, NQI advises its clients on all aspects of their financing decisions, including raising equity or debt and determining the best capital structure.

When there is a decision to issue debt or equity, our advisors give their recommendations on the valuation and other terms of the financing scheme and the best time to allocate capital based on current and forecasted market conditions.

Positive Press and Reputation Buildings

One of the essential benefits of a sustainable, ethical enterprise is its potential to create favourable publicity quickly. In addition to news and social media attention, several prestigious industry awards consider corporate citizenship when determining which corporations to praise.

Consumer Appeal

Consumers are becoming more interested in patronizing companies who promote causes they care for as social responsibility campaigns have become more popular. Businesses may benefit from having an interest in activities that are meaningful to their clients. When a customer’s action is closely related to charity activities, consumer appeal also rises. We take you through the process of finding positive causes where you will have the most impact.

Talent Attraction and Employee Retention

Consumers aren’t the only ones attracted to a company’s contribution to making the planet a better place. When applying for jobs, skilled professionals, especially those pursuing careers in business management, increasingly consider whether a company’s core values resonate with their own.

Many organisations usually make up for the time and resources expended on community work with increased profits due to top talent recruiting. Through guiding you around charitable causes that bring positive environmental and human solutions, we also attract and identify talents that will help push your company towards achieving its goals.