Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”), Environmental, Social, and Governance(“ESG”), Philanthropy and Non-Profit Entities


Global climate change and environmental degradation are negatively impacting the world. Its devastating effects are already acknowledged to be largely caused by human actions and regrettably, “green talk” is more prominent than “green action” despite heightened push by the authorities to raise awareness of the need to go green proactively.

Given the new order in today’s highly interconnected world, we must transform the global economy and the way business is done to preserve our environment. These initiatives also impact philanthropy and the role of non-profit entities. This imbalance  must continue to be be collectively addressed by all countries, with leadership at the forefront, fortified with appropriate governance and measurables.

There are many opportunities to identify CSR and ESG causes to support. However, the challenge is in choosing the appropriate causes and ones that preferably relate to the business and are likely to impact consumers who, in turn, will regard such initiatives by these organisations, as a sign of being responsible to society. These client sentiments are likely to enable such organisations to grow their client base, leading to more sustainable profits in the longer term.

Hence, identifying which causes to support, and the operational and tracking aspects, requires careful evaluation, planning, and monitoring. Measuring the effectiveness of sustainable businesses, showcasing it and sharing best practices can inculcate in their employees these important values at all levels, and establish them as a corporate priority.

Recognising the importance of leadership in promoting and encouraging sustainability and governance in the broadest perspective, NQ International has been and will continue to focus its activities in the CSR and ESG sectors. We carry out this mission by proactively engaging with non-profit organisations, policymakers, and the UHNW community for fundraising and leadership building, incorporating board representation and diversity in all key aspects, especially gender, age, and ethnicity. These initiatives are particularly highlighted in the geographical areas covered by NQ International, namely Asia and the Middle East, where a lack of understanding of cultural nuances can impact the level of trust between advisors and clients.

NQ Inter - CSR

Founder and CEO Mrs Noor Quek has been actively involved with social causes for more than three decades, launching new initiatives and proactively advocating for causes such as education and development of younger generations, ageing, and women’s issues that affect mental and overall health. NQ International is committed to supporting causes that impact the effectiveness of sustainability and governance.

We are actively involved in coaching and mentoring, engaging in ageing issues by upholding the virtue of ‘adding life to life’, women’s health and wealth enhancements, and continuing children’s education, among others. Our initiatives are through either board representation or active engagement and involvement with various organisations relevant to the causes we currently support, recognising the increasingly influential role of women in communities and businesses.

Our efforts in these causes thus far have brought communities and families together, working towards a common objective. We know teamwork is vital in building civic and community spirit and growing leadership, especially among younger generations.

Working with NQ International on your CSR and Philanthropic activities comes with several benefits :

Positive Press and Reputation Building

One of the essential benefits of a sustainable, ethical enterprise is its potential to create favourable publicity quickly. In addition to news and social media attention, several prestigious industry awards consider corporate citizenship when determining which corporations to praise.

Consumer Appeal

Consumers are becoming more interested in patronizing companies who promote causes they care for as social responsibility campaigns have become more popular. Businesses may benefit from having an interest in activities that are meaningful to their clients. When a customer’s action is closely related to charity activities, consumer appeal also rises. We take you through the process of finding positive causes where you will have the most impact.

Talent Attraction and Employee Retention

Consumers aren’t the only ones attracted to a company’s contribution to making the planet a better place. When applying for jobs, skilled professionals, especially those pursuing careers in business management, increasingly consider whether a company’s core values resonate with their own.

Many organisations usually make up for the time and resources expended on community work with increased profits due to top talent recruiting. Through guiding you around charitable causes that bring positive environmental and human solutions, we also attract and identify talents that will help push your company towards achieving its goals.

Strategic acts are those that have high importance to both the company and the community. They include activities based on the organisation, such as employee volunteerism in human resources or fair trade supplier partnerships, and externally oriented practices, such as energy and waste-saving practices or disaster relief.

No corporate executive would deny that the primary aim of an organization is to make profits. Although concentrating on corporate responsibility has a cost, it may also help a company’s bottom line. Both of the previously listed advantages – credibility improvement, client appeal, talent acquisition, and extended relationships – will significantly boost a company’s financial well-being.

While more organizations are participating in and reporting on their CSR operations, commitment levels vary, as do the benefits. The size and form of companies taking strategic steps differ.

NQ International offers practical assistance to focus on your goals depending on your organization’s scale, from preparing and updating your corporate social responsibility policy to executing it.