Talent Identification and Senior Executive Search and Placement

In today’s rapidly changing world, it is becoming evident that the need for suitable corporate leaders is urgent. Identifying competent human capital, however, particularly effective leaders, remains a challenge. The high turnover of leaders is evidence that existing methods of identifying and developing leaders are not effective in addressing corporate needs. In many organisations, leaders seem unprepared or struggle to meet the corporate issues of today.

Business challenges, globalisation of economies and human resources ( or more appropriately human capital) aggressive competition, the tighter regulatory environment, and a digital economy, among other factors, has made it imperative to rapidly identify, motivate, train and retain key talent while at the same time planning and implementing leadership programmes for the next generation of leaders.

NQ International has recognised this heightened need for more than a decade and through our senior talent identification and placement services, helped businesses identify and place suitably qualified individuals and teams dedicated to working and establishing the organisation’s mission and vision. A talented team with the requisite skills set and adaptability will ensure continued and timely innovation and progress of the organisation, thereby maintaining its competitive edge at all times.

NQ Inter - Talent Management

We identify and place mid- to C-suite-level candidates for selected industries and leadership functions. Profiles include individuals such as relationship managers and senior personnel at the team, country, and regional levels for the banking and finance industry, including private banks, corporate and consumer banks, investment banks, private equity firms, wealth management companies, asset management companies, family offices, and the insurance industry, among others.

Our candidates include regional and international senior management and leadership experience in technology, compliance, risk, investment management and advisory, portfolio management, learning and development, business development, and operations. Over the decade, we have placed candidates across jurisdictions including Southeast Asia, North Asia, the Middle East, London and Switzerland. Many have helped to grow business and flourished in these organisations.

At NQ International, we appreciate that every organisation has its own unique style and culture and different business needs and priorities. In today’s global business environment, inadequate definition and implementation of priorities can happen and should be avoided. We place special emphasis on understanding the organisation’s goals – both long and short term, its corporate culture, the culture of the environment it operates in, the cultural adaptability, and leadership and individual competence within the organisation.

Our selection and placement process emphasises considerations including diversity, Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) and Environment, Sustainability, and Governance (“ESG”) together with the client’s leadership team, talent management teams, identify, assess, mentor, and position suitably qualified senior-level individuals within organisations.

NQ International’s excellent network in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, our deep understanding of cultural interplays, and our understanding, in particular, of relevant economic dynamics at any one time, has enabled us to gain the trust of key industry players. Having represented diverse disciplines globally for several decades and working closely with corporate boards and key family office members, we provide constructive value-add team complementation to organisations, including family offices, addressing specific economic and other issues at the time.

Human capital issues in family offices are complex, especially where a family is invested in many jurisdictions while continuing to co-mingle business risks with longer-term family wealth—a strategic aspect of its legacy. Family members, many of whom may have extensive international experience and comprise different age groups, are likely to have differing views on the family’s business operations and how its legacy should be structured. Within Asia especially, deeply embedded cultural nuances can also impact the sustainability of the family legacy due to generational communication issues.

Technological advancement in this digital age and the impact of recurring global crises require families to urgently realign their businesses, especially businesses that are multi-jurisdictional. Such transformation is critical and success is dependent on the people-selection process especially within Asian cultures.


The NQ International process for selection of professional, independent key senior executives into the key leadership and management team is a proven strategy, adding independent voices, varying experience and expertise to the leadership team by identifying and selecting suitably qualified, non-family professional leaders with the relevant global mind-set, cultural sensitivity adaptability and competency in people management. NQ International fully understands and appreciates all of these dynamics. Having gained the trust of our clients, we are actively in the placement of non-family executives in family offices.

NQ International particularly and proactively supports the presence of more women family members on the boards and in senior management roles in family businesses. The value-add and positive impact of gender diversity in key management roles in family businesses are noticeable, particularly in philanthropy and people-management styles, which are important aspects of good governance. It is a prerequisite to ensure the continuity of the family’s business and the preservation of its legacy for future generations.